Best New Home Projects in Niagara Falls


More and more every day you can see home projects being developed in the Niagara Falls city of Ontario. There is actually an increase in housing developments in the Ontario region. Now is the time for you to make the wise choice of owning a home that could potentially triple in value in fifty years.

Housing projects try to provide a unique experience for their buyer. The more options there are for the consumer, the better. Some companies offer single family homes at a variety of prices. Other companies have a wide range of selection when it comes to home projects. Niagara Falls is a community that is now home to a large variety of companies building new homes. So you as a buyer are entering a market that will give you the most for your money.

Imagine Niagara Falls: Empire Community

Imagine Niagara Falls is part of a larger community of housing projects that has spread all throughout southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto area.  Empire has been building communities for over 20 years, which makes it a legitimate company that has been thriving. The Empire Community has more than 20,000 homes planned to be built. This is a growing company.


In Imagine Niagara Falls, there are about 1300 homes planned to be built. The leasing office is now currently accepting applications for future residents. There are two types of homes available for the Imagine Niagara Falls community. The options are townhouses, or detached homes. Now the options available in Imagine Niagara Falls are not the only available options for homes the Empire Community has.

First, the buyer should sign up for information online about Imagine Niagara Falls. The Empire Community will stay in contact with you via email about general questions.

The next step would be to meet with a sales representation at the Empire Presentation Centre, which is their equivalent to a leasing office. The Empire Presentation Centre for Imagine Niagara Falls is easy to find. The sales representative will walk you through Imagine Niagara Falls and detail the community’s amenities, the local area, and cost for living.  You will have the option to look at a model home and extensively look at the features provided with each home.

The sales representative will also provide details about the finances behind acquiring a home and the insurance options.

When you are ready to make the purchase, Empire makes you sign an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). This document details all thee significant information regarding your new home.

You can have your lawyer read the finer details of the APS for agreements regarding the closure date, financing options, and deposit payments. Once you sign the contract and pay the deposit, the customer care team will keep you updated on any payments you have to make.

One of the defining features of the Empire community as a whole is the ability for you to entirely design your new home. Every aspect of the home down to the most minute details including counter tops, appliances and more is entirely customizable to your every specification.

Empire actually provides décor basics 101 to help you in the designing process. No two Empire homes are the same, so you have to make sure to ask the sales representative to see as many different models as possible.

Empire had an award winning interior design team that works with you to create your dream home. The designing component is actually included in the purchase price of the home. More specifically, Schedule B in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale will detail everything you are paying for.

Included in the Design:

  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Interior Projects

The company wants transparency when dealing with home buyers. Empire encourages customers to keep constant communication with their sales representative team.

Buying an Empire home in the Niagara Falls area is a smart move. Imagine Niagara Falls includes some of the most highly revered artistic and cultural offerings in Ontario. The pricing on the homes vary by the design of the house. On average, from as low as $1800 a month, you could purchase a Niagara Falls area home for personal use as a primary residence or otherwise.

Imagine is a community in Niagara Falls you want to be a part of. If you have any questions regarding Imagine Niagara Falls, their website has an array of options for getting in contact with their team.

If you want to buy a piece of land and have someone build it from scratch, there are other building companies to choose from.

Pinewood Niagara Builders

Pinewood Niagara Builders has been an active business since 1975. The company boasts on providing value, quality, and service. Pinewood has a versatile portfolio that has handled everything from commercial, industrial, and residential properties from a small budget to the magnanimously luxurious.

There is a step by step process provided for the home buyer on the Pinewood website. A major emphasis is put upon the buyer coming to meet with sales representatives and site workers to figure out your dream home. Then the sales associates will give you a “Sales Pricing Guide” that will break down all the finances involved in your home purchase. The document is filled with a full list of additions, upgrades, and interchangeable list of features with fees associated that are attainable at the buyer’s discretion.

Once the home buyer agrees to the housing plan and Sales price guide, Pinewood finalizes the process. The APS, sales pricing guide, and the $20,000 Deposit Check is reviewed for approval by Pinewood management.

Pinewood has a unique designing process where it brings the buyer straight to the supplier. The Sales Associate will accompany the buyer to all of the meetings with suppliers to assist in the process of planning, plotting, and designing the project.  The sales associates provide an extensive attention to detail whilst consulting on your options and expedites the process to make it as painless as possible.

Pinewood stays in contact with the buyer at all times to give updates on the building process. When the building is done, a Pinewood Sales Associate and Site Supervisor will accompany the buyer during a walk through. This is to make sure every fixture in the house is safe and livable.

Both Imagine Niagara Falls and Pinewood Niagara Builders provide different options for a home project experience. For a more modern look, buyers tend to lean towards Imagine because of the contemporary design team available. Pinewood Niagara Builders allow the buyer to choose anything they want to design in their homes. Overall, Niagara Falls is a great place to move to because of the variety of housing projects available.